The Importance of Proper Digestive Health

One of the many things that Summit Health LLC specializes in is proper digestion health. Digestive disorders are known to be fairly common. An estimated seven out of ten people suffer from some sort of digestive disorder. Maintaining proper digestive health can help to prevent serious digestive problems.

There are several ways that proper digestive health can be maintained. One way is getting adequate physical activity. Physical exercise at least three times a week is recommended. In the event that you physical exercise can not be incorporated into your schedule, physical activities can be helpful.

Fluid intake is vital to proper digestive nutrition as well. Water helps to prevent constipation and helps ease the body’s digestive process. Drinking healthy fluids, which also consists of plenty of water, will help to maintain proper digestion.

Trying to avoid drugs and medicine will, surprisingly, help with your digestive system as well. Many antacids actually hurt the digestive system by neutralizing the acid that your body needs to properly digest food. When your acid is neutralized, this has a direct effect on your immune system, rendering the body incapable of curing itself without the need for other medications.

A balanced healthy diet is vital for digestive health. Including all essential nutrients and vitamins not only benefits your digestion, it will have a positive impact, on your overall health and well being. Proper vitamins and nutrients should be part of your daily routine.

Summit Health LLC provides custom nutritional supplements that are tailored to your exact needs. With a simple urine analysis, and keeping track of your nutritional profile for a period of 24 hours, an analysis that explains how well, or how poorly your digestive system is functioning. If your digestive system is not functioning as well as it should, a nutrient and/ or enzyme formulation can be specifically tailored to meet your needs, and to address and correct the problems.

When treating digestive problems it is important not to focus on the symptoms, but rather find the underlying cause or causes and treat those. Certain key principles are addressed with every patient. Depending on the individual situation, these things can include, improving digestion with the help of specific plant based enzymes, replenishing deficient nutrients, rebalancing the pH and chemistry of the body, and assisting in strengthening or rebuilding certain glandular organ systems. These could include the adrenal gland or the thyroid gland. Another very important key principle focused on is detoxifying the colon, liver or other cellular systems, as this will help ensure proper digestion as well.

These nutrients are tailored to your specific needs and eliminate confusion and uncertainty. Your custom supplements include vitamins, nutrients, herbs, antioxidants, phytonutrients and amino acids. Supplements such as these can not be purchased over the counter. No over the counter vitamin can be tailored to every person’s exact needs. Many times these contain too much of what your body does not end up needing, or too little of what your body does need. Without a properly tailored supplement you can not ensure that your body is getting the exact nutrition required for proper digestive maintenance, or even daily maintenance. At Summit Health LLC extensive tests are done, to ensure that you receive the exact amount of nutrients and supplements, and not the “average” amount. Every person is different, therefore every person’s nutritional needs should be different, and tailored directly to them, not the “average” person.