Help! My Child Has Been Kicked Out of School!

Once again the British press is full of discussion about children misbehaving in school. And once again the main solution seems to be “exclude the troublemakers from the classroom”.

However, the discussion involved a new, unique solution. The new solution is that idea that parents should stay home and monitor their children once the kids have been removed from school for their bad behavior.

Why would anyone do this? It is a nuisance to parents. The discussion also details letting special schools remain open, plus building more special schools for these misbehaving children.

The child has been kicked out of the regular classroom which demonstrates that they are having a tough time fitting in with the usual student setting. Then the solution must include finding an educational setting where the students can actually thrive, right?

This makes you to guess what you can do as a parent if you child has been sent home from school due to their behavior. Thinking about this in detail is my forte. Especially since I have had to deal with the similar issues with my oldest child.

1. You are not a bad parent because of this. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe your parenting skills could use some improvement, but that is the true for just about everyone. Try to be a better parent by actively searching for information through books and materials on raising kids.

2. Do not blame it all on your child’s school. Your school does care for your child and maybe the mishandled education of your child is due to issues beyond their boundaries like not having enough resources or inadequate teacher training.

3. DO make every representation to the local education authority (LEA) to find an alternative appropriate service for your child. Don’t be aggressive, don’t be rude, but do be very persistent and very insistent. If need be, see your politicians and even your newspapers.

4. Be prepared to have your child move on to an alternative classroom environment. Be ready for these changes. It is a great idea to comprehend that your child needs this assistance and to take care of it now. It will be much worse in the future if you avoid dealing with your child’s misbehavior.

5. DO consider the possibility of problems such as ADHD and Asperger’s being at the root of the problems. The right environment makes and enormous difference for children such as these, which is why it is crucial to find the right type of school environment.

6. DO NOT try to pretend that your child is an angel and everyone is wrong about his behavior. Much better to agree there is a problem and be seen to be doing your very best to get it sorted out – but for that you need help from the LEA.

These are a sample of the issues you may have to deal with, so be ready to conquer them.

The six tips listed should be of some assistance to any parent coping with a child’s behavior. Plus, if you work in the education arena please do not decide kicking the child out of the classroom is the best solution. That is not a productive solution and would upset all parties involved.