Exercising Michigan Health Insurance Bill of Rights

Mike Novelli, licensed insurance agent asserts that exercising ones patient’s right by comparing quotes is in every consumer’s best interest. In the state of Michigan, almost one in four citizens have health insurance coverage from a health maintenance organization (HMO). Although Blue Cross Blue Shield is considered the state’s primary provider, Michiganites often neglect to shop around to compare the terms with other Michigan health insurance plans.

Exercising patient’s medical rights by comparing quotes prevents the pangs of unforeseen medical expenses. To ensure that you buy the best coverage, obtain medical quotes from a pool of local insurance providers. An insurance agent, who is licensed in Michigan, can expedite understanding the terms of health plans.

A detailed overview of the Michigan health insurance plan’s coverage. Aside from the basic benefits covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s, certain medical services are excluded, which may be essential for individuals, who require certain health necessities (in example: cancer, mental health care or diabetes).

What are the policyholder’s financial obligations (co-insurance, co-payments for doctor’s visits, deductibles)? Assess the frequency of medical care needed to the cost annual budget based on the policies and out of pocket expenses.

Inquire about the doctors and medical facilities affiliated with the plan. In situations, where patients have a regular physician, it’s a good idea to confirm if the doctor has an affiliation with the Michigan health insurance plan.

Ask about the protocol for medical services, requiring, preauthorization. Some health plans accompany stiff preauthorization requirements, financially obligating the policyholder to pay out of pocket. Review the health plan’s definition of “emergency room” visits. Remember not all emergency visits necessitate coverage.

In summation, exercising one’s patient bill of rights and an ounce of prevention circumvents any unplanned medical bills and an ability to maintain fruitful Michigan health insurance.