Different Types of Health Insurance.

Health insurance – is a form of social protection of people’s interests in health protection, expressed in the ensuring payment for medical help .

Health insurance guarantees in providing a definite amount of medical services when an insured event (health disorder) occurs and if the contract with the medical insurance company is signed. The latter bears the cost of paying for the case of rendering medical aid (risk) since the moment of payment of initial contribution by the inhabitant to the corresponding fund.

Compulsory health insurance – is the type of compulsory social insurance, which is a system of state legal, economic and organizational arrangements directed to provide the warranties of free provision of medical help on account of mandatory health insurance program within the ambit of the territorial mandatory health insurance and set by the present law inside of the basic program of compulsory health insurance

Voluntary health insurance is an additional program to the assigned amount of medical care that applies to the persons specified in the policy-holders as beneficiaries. VHI is carried out at the expense of a certain budget, the personal contributions of citizens, and contributions by the employer.

It must be noted that VMI does not insure health, but the expenses for curing; the latter ones are usually offset to the insured in a typical way or at the stage of medical interference (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, hospital), or according to the types of medical help (stomatology, gynecology, cosmetics, death), or by portions of costs for payment of medical help (full reparation, the percentage reparation, reparation within the framework of a definite amount).

Voluntary health insurance is divided into individual (taking into consideration the complexity of the concrete illness of a specific person) and collective (which takes into consideration the risk of definite diseases in a group of persons).

Those who took decision to purchase health insurance will have to rack their brains vigorously. Insurers propose dozens of various programs of VMI with diverse conditions and prices. Besides, you are able to buy a comprehensive policy of VMI. As a rule, this is a polyclinic service without limited number of addresses. Though there are variations. Suppose, if we buy a complex VIP-policy – here you have ambulatory treatment and stationary, and dentistry. But, certainly, VIP will cost a few times more than the standard.