Children’s Health Insurance

It would seem that children spend more time in doctors’ offices than any other group of people. Children tend to catch every virus and infection that passes around because they forget to wash their hands and often put them in their mouths. All these doctors’ visits can get quite costly, especially if a child doesn’t have health insurance in Texas. Fortunately, parents do have options that will allow them to get health insurance for the children in Texas even if they can’t afford to pay for it.

Families that meet certain guidelines may be able to qualify for health insurance in Texas through state or federal programs. These options are usually available for families who are unemployed or underemployed that do not have the option of an employer sponsored health insurance plan.

The most popular and well-known federal insurance plan is known as Medicaid. The Medicaid plan works through the cooperation of the state and federal government. This plan provides health insurance in Texas for people who can’t afford it, especially pregnant women and children. There is no charge to the recipient for this health care plan, but the requirements must be met in order to qualify.

Some of the requirements for persons to qualify for Medicaid health insurance in Texas include: being a resident of the state of Texas; a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident. When a child’s parent is not a US citizen, but resides here legally, the child may still be qualified for Medicaid. The family’s income, expenses and any medical problems are taken into consideration when qualifying them for Medicaid.

Texas has a specific agency that handles qualifying people for Medicaid health insurance in Texas. Some families automatically get Medicaid, depending on their circumstances. Usually, a family will have to update their records regularly, reporting any changes in income or circumstances to their social worker and undergo period reevaluations of their eligibility for Medicaid.

Another option for children to get health insurance in Texas is known as CHIP. The Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP is another program funded by both the state and federal government. This plan provides health insurance in Texas for families whose income exceeds the maximum amounts for Medicaid coverage, but who still do not make enough money to pay for their own insurance plan. This insurance coverage provides the same type of coverage you would expect to find in a paid insurance plan.

With the CHIP health insurance in Texas participants pay fees that are based on their income. They may incur small co-pays for doctor visits prescription drugs. When using emergency hospital services with this health insurance in Texas, there may also be an additional co-pay. Applying for CHIP is also done through the local state agency office and the requirements are similar to those for Medicaid, except the income limit is higher. The participants have to be reevaluated, usually each year to determine continued eligibility for this type of program. Every child deserves to have appropriate health care to keep them safe and healthy and the Medicaid and CHIP programs are great ways to ensure that no child goes without health insurance in Texas.