Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

One of the oldest health insurance providers now in the United States is Blue Cross Blue Shield. They provide services to over 100 million Americans. Over the 80 years that Blue Cross Blue Shield has been conducting business, they have built a fantastic reputation for themselves. They pride themselves on making insurance affordable to families and individuals. Many consider their services to be the pinnacle of quality for health insurance; this includes the hospitals and reputable doctors that work with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

BCBS Tower is now currently located in Chicago, Illinois. This massive tower has 33 floors and was designed by James Goetch. BCBS works with 39 different health insurance organizations and various companies throughout the United States. They offer health insurance services in every state of the US along with other health organizations and affiliates. BCBS is also an administrator of the Medicare health program.

The service of Blue Cross and Blue Shield is worldwide as well. They provide an electronic card which is called the BlueCard. You can use this for access to the hospitals and doctors of more than 200 countries worldwide. Whenever you travel, you have the assurance in your wallet through this electronic card that your medical needs will be met. The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is a part of the BCBS which provides health coverage in association with the physicians and hospitals that they are contracted with in the United States.

Blue Cross Blue Shield differs in service from state to state. People that reside in Michigan can acquire services from the BCBS in that state because they are all eligible. Some states do not go by the name of BCBS, but carry the same insignia that is supplied by BCBS. BCBS even has services for expats that work and live all around the world. The coverage is only available for hospitals that are affiliated with BCBS. They have a website specifically for expats linked on their main site.

The BCBS website also has forums and health clubs where you can discuss health topics an they provide customers with “AskBlue Guides” on health insurance for yourself or for your family, your Medicare options, and on the healthcare reform and how it impacts yourself or your business.

They will also assist in finding the right health insurance plan that you need in an area near you. BCBS does extensive research into the hospitals and clinics that they work with. They make sure that the service is quality and the customers are satisfied along with other information about their medical specialties. BCBS also obtains information on the doctors to make sure they perform quality work.

BCBS also has its own pressroom. The pressroom gives news sources information for up to date news on BCBS. There is also a place for newsfeeds on their website, informing you on everything that is currently taking place in the association. In addition to all of these great informative sources, they provide BlueTV and BlueRadio. There are videos and audio with discussions, media debriefings, and speeches that have tons of information on current events and tips.