Accurate Personal Health Records in Florida, USA

Personal Health Record (PHR) :
A personal health record (PHR) is a means of storing, managing, and sharing your personal medical information. PHR is a convenient technology for patients, doctors, healthcare service providers etc. It is managed by patients. It includes varity of details like healthcare providers, patients health records, diagnosis and checkup results, medications, health issue history, patient contact information etc. Through this PHRs autherized users can access and manage this accurate and reliable information securely. It reduces the expense of treatment and repeating routine tests. Medical records and Personal Health Records are not same. Medical Records includes details about health managed by each of the healthcare providers. PHR includes health information, but managed by patients. It can be accessed by web enabled device, such as personal computer, mobile phones, tablets etc.

Common Reports in Heallth Records :
Identification Sheet : It includes name, address, phone number, policy number, indurance details etc.
Problem List : It includes health illness, surgery details etc.
Medication Records : List of medicines prescribed by the doctor.
History and Physical : It describes major health issues, surgeries have had, heridetery diseases, health habits, medicines etc.
Progress Notes : Notes made by doctors, nurses, physicians, social workers about their diagnosis and plans for continued treatments.
Consultaion : Advise from a physician other than primary care physician about your health.
Doctor’s Orders : Doctor’s directions to other person regarding your medications, tests, diets, and treatments.
Imaging and X-ray Reports : Results of x-rays, scans, mammograms, ultrasounds etc.
Lab Reports : Results of tests conducted on body fluids. Blood typing is not part of routine lab work. So health record does not usually contain your blood type.
Immunization Record : It includes immunization given for the disease sucha as polio, flu, rubella, measles, mumps.
Consent and Authorization Forms : Copies of consents for admission, treatment, surgery, and hospital discharge.

Benefits of Personal Health Records (PHR) :
In an emergency situation you can quickly give emergency personnel information, such as a disease history, previous surgeries or hospitalizations, medications you take, drug allergies, and contact details of family doctor.
You can manage your health between visits.
You can track and access your health information.
Eliminating communication barriers and allowing documentation flow between patients and healthcare providers.
In addition to storing personal health information, some PHRs provide services such as drug-drug interaction checking, electronic messaging between patients and providers, managing appointments, and reminders.

2 methods by which data can arrive in PHR :
1. Patients can enter directly either by typing or uploading/transmitting data from a file or website.
2. When the PHR is connected to an electronic health record, which automatically updates the PHR.

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